Speed mentoring at Aon 6 Sept 2016

ISC was delighted to see over 80 people gather at the iconic Leadenhall Building for a high energy and fun speed mentoring event on 6 September. The event was generously sponsored by Aon and hosted by Dominic Christian, Executive Chairman of Aon Benfield International and CEO, Aon UK Limited and Julie Page, Managing Director, UK National at Aon Risk Solutions. Barbara Schonhofer, ISC Founder and Barbara Merry, iWIN Chair and opened the event and also participated as mentors. Kevin Walker, Global & AGRC Head of Sales and Marketing, Aon, was our dynamic and inspirational facilitator and shared practical tips on the mentoring relationship.

Barbara Schonhofer said, ‘The energy created in the room and since is electric and shows us the deeper potential for what we can achieve as we continue to pull together. Our thanks must go to the business leaders and board members invited by ISC who invested their personal time with great gusto to mentor invitees from Ambition First and iWIN and share many pearls of wisdom.’

Barbara Merry said, ‘The buzz in the room illustrated the amazing enthusiasm and engagement of both mentors and mentees. The people that I spoke to were awesome: they had prepared their questions well in advance and were thoughtful and insightful about their career issues, showing clear determination to proactively manage their own progression. A fantastically rewarding evening. I very much hope that we can do it again.’

Both men and women were invited to come along with a quest or challenge which they wanted some help with. Each mentee spent around 7 minutes with 5 of the different mentors. It was vast and varied network of encouragement and advice for the mentees from senior leaders in the insurance profession which included entrepreneurs, chief executives, consultants, underwriters, lawyers, non-executive directors, board members and academics.

Jane Anderson, Environmental Risk Underwriter, Chubb said ‘I personally found the event incredibly insightful and thought provoking and I went away with a couple of key ‘takeaways’ which I will certainly be putting into practice going forward.’

The initial feedback from the event is already inspiring thoughts for further events and shows us the deeper potential for what could be achieved if we continue to pull together. Our special thanks goes to our host for the evening, Dominic Christian and the Aon internal female network group WIN for their leap of faith in facilitating such an phenomenal event that now started surely will not be stopped. Like speed dating, the event was fun, social and stimulating and with the same possibility of building unexpected friendships, professional networks and lasting relationships. And, like speed dating, we hope in some cases it has had a life changing effect.


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