ISC Summer Cocktails sponsored by Lloyds of London

This year’s Insurance Supper Club (ISC) ‘Summer Cocktails’ were graciously hosted by Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s. ISC enjoyed a dynamic evening of networking followed by an inspiring presentation from our Keynote speaker for the evening - Miriam González Durántez.

Miriam is a partner at law firm Dechert’s. She is the mother to three sons. And, as wife of the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, she has refused – in her own words – to stick to “children and kittens”, instead campaigning for men and women to be seen as equal partners.

Image of Inga Beale“I was delighted to host the Insurance Supper Club and talk to Miriam Gonzalez Durantez about the Inspiring Women campaign. Women across the insurance industry need to work together and show talented young women that if they work hard they can achieve anything. I’ve already signed up to the Inspiring Women campaign, and I hope others do the same.” Inga Beale


Lloyd's Summer Cocktail - Image of Inga Beale, Miriam González Durántez and Barbara Schonhofer

Inga Beale, Miriam González Durántez and Barbara Schonhofer

Miriam spoke to us about the importance of female role models. She also answered with humour and frankness questions about raising sons; whether Boards should have quotas or not; and the importance of access to childcare for both men and women.

As a quid pro quo for an excellent evening, Miriam asked that we all sign up to her “Inspiring Women” campaign.

The campaign has seen over 15,000 women go into state schools to talk to young girls about the ‘job they do’ and the route they took – thereby inspiring young girls to follow their dreams.


Sign up

Miriam asked all of us to give just one hour a year to talking with girls in school – less than the average London commute!

Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s and our host last night, is signing up, as is Barbara Schonhofer, our Insurance Supper Club founder.

We hope you will too!

You can sign up here

And for more about the campaign, go to:

Imahge of Miriam González-Durántez

“I am delighted to have taken part in the Lloyds’ Insurance Supper Club Event. It is wonderful to see how many women within the insurance sector have already signed up to the Inspiring Women Campaign, starting with Lloyds’ CEO, Inga Beale. The insurance industry in the UK is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Our aim is to expose young girls to all the different options they can have in their lives and their careers and definitely the insurance industry offers many exciting roles to women, as well as men.” Miriam González Durántez


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