The Insurance Supper Club is proud to announce our Corporate and Associate Members for 2018, as well as our new Management Committee and recently appointed Ambassadors.


Corporate Members

Associate Members
“We welcome our founding Corporate and Associate Members. Recognition of the important work being initiated by the ISC is crucial if we are to make a significant impact.”

Barbara Schonhofer, Founder and Chair of ISC


Management Committee

 Jane Beacham

Amanda Blanc

Sian Fisher

Ailsa King

Monique Kooijman

Kelly Lyles

Michelle Mason

Barbara Merry

Tulsi Naidu

Jane Portas

Barbara Schonhöfer (Chair)


US Committee

Nancy Bewlay

Margaret Resce Milkint (Chair)

Grace Vandecruze


Pina Albo

Dame Inga Beale

Evelyn Bourke

Katherine Coates

Cécile Coune

Annette Court

Anna Maria D’Hulster

Karen Green

Isabel Hudson

Alison Martin

Mary O’Connor

Julie Page

Carol Richmond

Belinda Schofield

Penny Shaw


Note to Editors

About the Insurance Supper Club

The Insurance Supper Club (ISC) is a business network for women operating in, or involved with, insurance; providing an industry wide networking platform. ISC holds a number of different events throughout the year, bringing women (and men) together globally over business related topics.

 As a group we are committed to supporting women throughout their career with a view to retaining more women in the industry and increasing the number in senior positions. We do this by encouraging women to achieve their aspirations and improving engagement within the industry.

 Our aim is to:

•       Improve the networking opportunity for women

•       Proactively help identify and encourage diverse talent

•       Provide and improve accessibility of mentors for younger professionals

•       Collaborate with men to drive culture change

•       Expand our community within the industry globally



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