Your Company Doesn’t Need a Women’s Network

The Harvard Business Review published an article titled “Your Company Doesn’t Need a Women’s Network” and discusses the point, see the article.

We have realised for some time that a call to action involves business leaders male and female. We also need to stop debating the whys and wherefores and take positive action to bring about change more quickly.

One of the actions being taken by ISC during 2013 is its pilot cross-company mentoring programme.

Our overall global view on building inclusive, commercially compelling businesses and teams is that we need to seek out and encourage the next generation of female leadership talent.

In scouting for the next generation of leaders our prime focus must be identifying those women that have the DNA to lead business units and take P&L responsibility.

Our research aims at finding the personal qualities, experience, qualifications and most importantly the mindset needed to succeed in the insurance sector.

In collaboration with the few existing female business leaders in the insurance industry we can offer positive encouragement to the many talented and ambitious women who wish to succeed in this sector.

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