Message from Barbara Schonhofer, Founder, ISC

A group of 20 guests and ISC women had a great roundtable discussion on 23 June at a private dinner hosted by ISC member Amanda Blanc CEO AXA UK & Ireland and sponsored by AXA who are committed to a more collaborative future.  Together with our guest speaker Richard Hytner we shared experiences, ideas and laughed a lot while being full of trepidation as to the results of a bitterly fought referendum taking place here across the UK last night.  On Friday morning, as business leaders and women, we recognise, the Leave EU vote is just another thing we have to deal with in our striving for inclusion and meritocracy.

Although greatly saddened by this finite decision ISC  would like to send a message to all likeminded female leaders who are part of the global economy that we, even more so, need to unite in our purpose:  Every action we take to show that collaboration and inclusion leads to better business, better understanding of the customers we serve, better protection and futures for the whole community,  not just the privileged, and a safer environment and planet for our children.

Sian Fisher, CEO of CII and  ISC Committee member said “Always daunting that human beings find emotional release in strife and division when it is staringly obvious that they are happiest with peace and inclusion. Even more reason for the believers to keep working together.”

Following the vote to leave the European Union, the ABI has issued a media statement and consumer advice which can be found on their website They will be updating this section with any relevant updates and you can contact them about anything you wish to discuss or email their dedicated email address [email protected].


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