Leading Across Generations, January 2017

ISC would like to introduce you to a one-day conference on Leading Across Generations, hosted by the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) on 26 January.  The event gives you a unique opportunity to:

* Hear inspirational stories from pleading women including Lynsey Cross, Sian Fisher and Victoria Knight as well as gain practical advice on being a leader in today’s diverse workplace

* Network with women (and men) at all stages of their career and from across the industry

* Help women in the community be the best they can be.  Conference proceeds will benefit charities such as Advance, which helps women who have faced domestic violence make a new start in life.

Tickets range from £250 for young professionals to £500 for experienced professionals.  Discounts are available for groups of four and will be reduced for a flash sale on Thursday and Friday, 12-13 January.  Reserve your place at this informative and inspirational conference before tickets sell out.

Event details

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