Dive In Festival - September 2016

The Insurance Supper Club is looking forward to being part of Dive In this September. 

The Dive In festival for diversity & inclusion in insurance will take place in London and 16 cities across 4 continents from 27th – 29th September 2016. Get ready to Play your Part.

More events are being added each week - all are free to attend and open to everyone working in insurance to help get fit for the future.

From navigating today’s global, multi-generational workplace to making the most of your time with your family, inspiring stories from our sporting heroes and a comedy fringe, there is something for everyone.

New events in London include:

  • From Here to Paternity, online – webinar for parents, and particularly fathers, seeking to balance work and family commitments
  • Playing with Bias, London – this interactive event allows you to play director in a live drama designed to challenge our hidden ideologies and delve into the many dimensions of diversity


Sign up

Download the Dive In Festival app for iPhone or Android to explore the programme in your city and register for events. To ensure a fair distribution of tickets, everyone is first added to a waiting list and you will be sent a e-ticket once your place has been confirmed.

Why diversity and inclusion?

We are getting fit for the future. Our industry needs to attract the best talent, innovate and stay globally relevant.

Research proves both that diversity fuels growth and stimulates innovation, and that inclusivity boosts team productivity and performance. When people feel valued and included at work, they achieve their full potential.

Put simply, diversity and inclusion are good for business.


To find out more

Follow @LloydsInclusion or search #diveinfest on Twitter and Instagram

Download the Dive In Festival app for iPhone or Android phones

Visit www.diveinfestival.com

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