Our Mission

“Insurance Supper Club is a private members’ group of senior leaders from around the globe. It provides a forum to meet, network and debate business issues while seeking to inspire the next generations of leaders in the industry and the community as a whole.”


It is recognised that companies currently have an imbalance between genders at the senior executive level. It is also recognised that having a more even gender balance has a positive effect on the performance and value of a business, yet change has been slow. Many reasons are used to justify this lack of progress: career breaks, reduced opportunities, poor networking and also inaccessible female role models.


The Insurance Supper Club offers a platform which promotes active participation of its members in the following ways:


  • Providing a business platform for career women around the world who are operating in, or involved with, the insurance industry to engage with like-minded colleagues on business issues.
  • Encouraging networking within the group.
  • Supporting each other in business.
  • Mentoring women at all levels.
  • Engaging with the wider community to promote inclusion and social responsibility.
  • Sponsoring women to reach their aspirations.