Athleadership and mentoring: perspectives of an Olympic athlete

On Tuesday 25 April, Insurance Supper Club (ISC) and EY Women’s Network hosted a joint event for senior men and women across both organisations on the topic of ‘Athleadership and mentoring: perspectives of an Olympic athlete’. Attendees were invited to bring a mentee to the event, which focused on leadership, teaming and the role of mentors and role models and the importance of’ ‘sending the elevator back down.’

Welcoming nearly 100 guests to EY’s More London office was Neeta Ramudaram, Insurance Assurance Partner, who opened the event remarking on the importance of supporting the development of talented individuals through mentoring.

“I believe one of the key indicators of success of a leader is recognising and being an advocate for rising talent,” she said. “As leaders, it is important we share our experiences and ‘send the elevator back down’.”

The event featured a keynote speech from Shauna Mullin, former British Olympic beach volleyball player and current Head of Operations and Performance, Digital Investing, Wealth Management at Santander. Shauna enriched the discussion with her views on the importance of leadership and mentoring from an athlete’s perspective. Shauna shared her experiences from preparing for the 2012 Olympics, and the need for self-awareness, confidence and importantly, focus. ”You can’t be the best at everything, all of the time,” Shauna commented.

Joining Neeta and Shauna on the panel was Kevin Griffith, Insurance FAAS Partner and UK Financial Services Diversity and Inclusiveness Lead, and Phoebe Hugh, CEO of Brolly – the UK’s first artificially intelligent insurance advisory app. The panellists openly shared their personal experiences on the importance of mentoring, a topic which really resonated with the audience. Phoebe shared her advice on how she succeeds as an entrepreneur transitioning from a corporate background, advising that by being transparent with your mentors and open with your experiences and problems you can get the most out of a mentoring relationship.

The engagement demonstrated by attendees throughout the evening was infectious and feedback has shown the event to be a great success.

Barbara Schonhofer, founder of the ISC, added, “Last night’s event further endorsed my conviction that female networking events are so vital in the move towards better gender balance in the industry.”

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