Clem Booth talks about the value of diversity in the workplace

“Diversity will be the most important key to unlock the door to long-term, sustainable growth in our information-rich world.”

Clem Booth

Clem Booth, a native of South Africa and an insurance industry veteran, talks about the value of diversity in the workplace.

In June 2013 Clem Booth addressed the IICF Women in Insurance Conference in New York on diversity in the workplace and touched on 3 key themes, Diversity, Women in Business and What To Do. The presentation starts:

“Thank you for the introduction and for the invitation to speak at this illustrious conference. The theme of the event is very relevant to our insurance world; it always was although sadly not always top of the agenda. I believe this is now changing for the better and not before time.

My working assumption is that you wouldn’t be here unless you felt strongly about diversity in our industry or to be honest, the lack of diversity. To my mind, it should be among the most important topics on today’s board agenda; the days of business being conducted by “exclusive old boys clubs” are rapidly coming to an end. Only by rethinking how we work and who to choose to work with will the doors to sustainable growth through real innovation be opened in this new information-rich world.”

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Further articles by Clem Booth, such as “Everyone should see their own reflection” are published on the Allianz website.

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