Last call for “Monogamy” was the rather ironic call from the stage hand as we took our seats at The Park Theatre, Finsbury Park last Tuesday evening.

The play provided a wonderful backdrop for this ISC sponsored event in raising awareness of the theatre which provides so much more than just plays.  The Theatre is open to the community quite literally as a place of meeting and socialising through a café and community events.  The Park Theatre prides itself on being accessible to all with a particular focus on those with dementia. The decision to establish a theatre in this particular part of North London was in itself a statement of intent about providing the arts and much more to a community where deprivation rubs alongside gentrification.

The play was a powerful birds eye view of family life revolving around the kitchen.  The central character Caroline Mortimer, played by Janie Dee, a successful TV chef but struggling with drink, an inattentive husband, fidelity and a son desperate for acceptance and love.  This microcosm playing out in front of us had something for all of us to relate to as it powerfully dramatized the struggles we all face in communicating and creating community.  At the core of all relationships is that need to communicate and as we saw played out in front of us, the need to be forgiven, accepted and ultimately to know we are loved as we are.

So ‘Monogamy’ could not have been a more appropriate context for the purpose of our gathering which was to raise awareness of a place that seeks to deepen community and provide that space for relationships to flourish.  Bravo to all concerned!

If you would be interested in getting involved with Park Theatre or going our Theatre nights, please do contact us.

Park Theatre Website 


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